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Welcome to Medipolis

Dear patient,
Dear customer,

Welcome to our site, welcome to Medipolis.

With our multidisciplinary medical centre, we not only depict a unique concept, but we also push the boundaries of quality and comfort. You are warmly received in a unique, modern and relaxed environment. The best doctors and an extremely considerate staff take care of you in an efficient and very personal way.

Medipolis is an ultramodern healthcare centre, where the very latest state-of-the-art apparatus, products and treatment methods are being used and applied.


Liposuctie Antwerpen – facelift behandeling – privékliniek

Jobs @ Medipolis

Medipolis is a dynamic and fast-growing medical centre. We are looking for highly motivated employees to join our team. Look in the vacancy section!

Medipolis in the picture

Medipolis in the picture


Medipolis has received BSPC mark for private clinics 13 07 2012

Kiwa has developed a specific mark together with the Belgian Society for Private Clinics (www.bspc.be).